Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photoshop Madness

The world of Twitter is truly an entertaining one and with its increasing popularity comes what I call 'Photoshop Madness'.

Twitter, although primarily a micro-blogging device, allows users to upload pictures using applications such as Lockers, YFrog and TwitPic. Most likely influenced by the appreciation males give to video vixens like Bria Myles, what has become very apparent, sometimes embarrassingly so, is the pressure some females feel to all look just like them. 

Baby got back!
Bria Myles
A lot of females have opted to follow in the steps of Buffy the Body and sign up to a gym. After a high protein diet and a few thousand crunches noticeable changes to the derrière have been reported. 

Buffy the Body's Bootynomics workout
A few females however, have decided that they want the gain without the pain and as a result have started using  image enhancement programmes such as Photoshop to... modify... their pictures.
The convenience of having an app such as Instagram on mobiles has resulted in people selling dreams on the go.


You'd think that someone trying to sell the public a dream would at least a) be able to Photoshop properly, improving the chances of the dream being successfully sold 

                   The sofa and table are moving for
                her hips yh (-__-)

and b) delete all evidence of the original picture so that no one is tempted to expose you *side eye*
                 The dream
The reality
I'm not sure what kind of world we are in these days but being bootylicious is not by force!

At least hide the original shot so you don't get found out no?

Can you imagine!? (-__-)
Photoshop has also been used to make drastic changes to body size/shape and skin tone. Although retouching has been done my magazines and photographers for years, they didn't make the changes to their subject's original appearance quite so drastic.


Don't be fooled, males also seem under pressure to impress the public and they too have gone to... extreme... measures to achieve the dream.

Is this what Jesus died for?
Is it that deep?
People need to stop living in a virtual world and start accepting themselves as they are. If you are not happy with the way you look or the life you live just work hard at making a change, Photoshopping your images will not make your life outside of the world wide web any better.

Other than the new trade of selling dreams, Twitter is indeed a fun place to be so follow me @notrude_honest!

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